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If you are viewing this message, it’s because you aren’t logged in yet.  We have a lot of public videos and posts on this section of City Homestead, but there are more available with a membership.  It’s just $5 per year!  Check out our MEMBERSHIPS  more details.


City Homestead Public EpisodesAn index page of City Homestead’s public and members videos and blog posts.  The journal begins in August, 2017, with a trip back home, to Tennessee, in hopes that an estate sale we call Secret Haven will allow us to stay in our home state and earn an income.  What we didn’t know was that our journey would be drastically changed forever.

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We are working on getting our videos edited for this season.  Even though we are behind on our YouTube channel uploads (we took time off to set up the Web site) we will still be adding current content to our membership site through December.

The 2018 link will be available as soon as we get one video uploaded.


Begins January 1, 2019.