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If you are viewing this message, it’s because you aren’t logged in yet.  We have a lot of public videos and posts on this section of City Homestead, but there are more available with a membership.  It’s just $5 per year!  Check out our MEMBERSHIPS  more details.

Thank You YouTube Subscribers!

It isn’t easy being a new YouTube channel launcher, but it is very rewarding.  Being a part of the homesteading community has given Wesley and I (Colleen) great inspiration, motivation and encouragement as we face the daunting tasks of setting up a homestead.

YouTube notified us that we reached a 100 subscriber milestone and we want to share our thanks with the following subscribers:

Please send an email to web @ cityhomestead . net (no spaces) to receive your free 1 year membership as our thanks for helping us launch our channel.   Offer is good through December 31, 2018.  On January 2, 2019, we begin with our regular Homestead content.

Disclosure:  Our homestead plans are Biblical based and we are on a journey to learn how to walk in the way of YHWH.  We understand not everyone agrees with this way of life but we do welcome you to join our journey regardless.  If you prefer not to join, no worries!  We look forward to giving you quality content on our YouTube channel.

Notice: YouTube shows 111 subscribers at the time of this give-a-way.  The following are public but if you are on private subscription and would like access to this giveaway, please email me and you will be added to the site, but not listed here.  (Though you will no longer be a secret subscriber because I will know who you are.  LOL)  Thanks for lurking.

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